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B. Fulford, 2018-04-09 – The world asks, “Has America gone insane?”

The current leadership of the Anglo-Saxon world is acting in a manner that can only be described as insane, by issuing one obviously false, incendiary claim after another in a vain attempt to start World War 3.  They are doing this because the current leadership is literally fighting to survive as the wheels of justice inevitably grind closer.

This is why recently we have seen that UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s hysterical claims that Russia used poison gas inside the UK are being denied by her own government’s experts.  This is also why U.S. President Donald Trump was either forced by blackmail or fooled like an idiot into falsely accusing the Syrian government yet again of attacking its own civilians with chemical weapons.

In both cases, the accusations ultimately came from the actual perpetrators of the crimes.  In the UK, it was elements of its own intelligence services who manufactured the poison gas incident, CIA and MI5 sources confirm.  Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya called the UK’s behavior a “theater of the absurd.”

In the case of Syria, U.S. and UK agents were caught red-handed with banned chemical weapons in their possession.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, for his part, summed up the of opinions many countries about U.S. foreign policy under the Trump administration by noting it to be “highly controversial,” “lacking clarity,” and being run by people none of whom had more than a year’s experience.

The general impression is that the Trump administration is going against all major international agreements reached in recent years without actually offering an alternative, multiple sources agreed.

On top of that, Trump U.S. Commerce officials, working against the advice of the Pentagon, have declared a trade war with China that they are mathematically doomed to lose.  China’s government has already promised to “fight to the end at any cost.”

So what is really going on here?  The answer, of course, is that the group of Western leaders who brought us the fake war on terror and the various invasions that followed are terrified of losing power and consequently being charged with multiple war crimes.  This is the real reason why they are acting, collectively, in an irrational and hysterical manner.

The situation in the U.S. remains the most intense, as an undeclared but de facto civil war is raging there.  The war pits the fascist Khazarian mafia faction that staged 9/11, the Iraq War, and Fukushima against patriots who want to restore democracy and the rule of law to the West.

Unlike the open warfare of previous civil wars, this one is being fought over the instruments of mass mind control, including money, propaganda, cyberwarfare, targeted assassinations, and unpublicized battles between special forces.

The ongoing attacks on Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, even as these Internet giants strive to censor the web, are just one visible aspect of this new type of war.

There is also a space war and esoteric dimension to this that is visible to the surface population in small glimpses, much like people on a boat watching a battle between sea monsters that takes place mostly underwater.

The latest such glimpse was the crashing down to earth of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1.  It was downed by U.S. forces in retaliation for recent crashes of U.S. warships apparently engineered by the Chinese, CIA sources say.  Now three U.S. aircraft carrier groups are headed to the South China Sea to confront a massive Chinese battle group there, the CIA sources say.

In fact, though, the two groups may actually be facing a common enemy, say Pentagon sources.  Most of the action is taking place underwater and in secret, the sources say.

According to the CIA sources, “The real reason for all the sabre-rattling by the Western military powers is that…

China seems to have become the victorious nation in the battle for control of the South China Sea.”

Here is a summary of the CIA report on the situation:

“There is an estimated $5 trillion worth of goods that pass through the South China Sea annually.  The country which controls the flow of goods basically controls $5 trillion and all that is associated with it.

“The People’s Liberation Army Navy (the PLA Navy) started building a network of undersea active and passive sensors which are located up to 3,000 meters underwater.  These are embedded in a newly developed cement that contains special polymers and is now known as the best cement in the world—it can last more than 150 years underwater without deteriorating.  This massive project also involves underwater bases which include special cameras and deep underwater platforms.

“The seabed component of this perimeter wall contains special hydrophones and magnetic anomaly detectors.  This will help in the autonomous detection and tracking of enemy submarines and ships.  Setting up a zone of anti-access and area denial in the waterways is deemed critical by China for its security.

“This project was started in 2016 and is now complete.  This perimeter wall completely encircles the Nine-Dash Line that China unilaterally proclaimed back in 1947 as her historical maritime territory.  This claims up to 90% of the 2 million square kilometers of the South China Sea.

“There have been a few articles about this, but nothing really detailed.  There are a few YouTube videos, but these don’t really tell the true story.

“This just came out recently in Zee News India:

“What is not being revealed anywhere in the news is that China’s perimeter undersea wall comes within 7 km of the coastline of Vietnam and 25 km of the coastline of Brunei.  No government wants to disclose this reality.  (I have this intel from a man who has been onsite and seen where the perimeters actually are).

“There is more to this story that just came out last night.  More U.S. and Chinese military maneuvers in the South China Sea have just begun, due to the alleged “trade war” that has started between the two countries.

“The real question one asks is why was this not revealed and stopped two years ago?  Or does China really have historical maritime rights to most of the South China Sea?  So far, it looks like she does.”

Top-level Chinese intelligence officials explain that China is merely reclaiming territory it has held throughout history until Western warships took it from them in the 19th Century.  They needed to build a defense line to where the ocean was 3,000 meters deep so that their submarines could move about undetected.  “The aim is to make sure no country miscalculates and thinks they can get away with a pre-emptive nuclear strike on China,” one former politburo-level official explained.

It is now clear that the March 26th start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil futures trading in Shanghai was a move the Chinese have been carefully preparing for at least a decade.  This started back in 2008 when the Khazarian mafia threatened China with a cut-off of Middle Eastern oil and a blockade of its coastline if it tried to usurp the petrodollar.

The March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima, Japan was intended to intimidate the Japanese and prevent them from nationalizing the Bank of Japan, a key linchpin of the petrodollar system.  Thus, the Chinese took a lesson from Fukushima and built their underwater Great Wall of China to prevent a similar attack.

The Chinese also began to source their oil from Africa, Russia, South America, and elsewhere in preparation for their big move.  The completion of a 600,000 barrel-per-day oil pipeline from Russia in January was one of the last pieces to be put into place.

This Chinese move against the petrodollar should not be mistaken as a move against the United States, though.  It is really a move against the 700 or so top Khazarian mafiosi who have used their control of the petrodollar as part of their plan to enslave humanity.

In fact, patriots in the U.S. are actually fighting alongside their Asian allies to free the American people.  That is why an “underwater base off Malibu, California was destroyed, resulting in a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on April 5,” Pentagon sources say.

The U.S. military was eliminating a sea-bed base that was involved in the attacks that caused all the mysterious fires recently in Northern California.  They did not say who the base belonged to, but apparently it and possibly others have been financed by the California branch of the Khazarian mafia.

That is also why the U.S. military ensured that all Khazarian mafia bosses were removed from the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Board.  The new president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, has already stated publicly that U.S. monetary creation should use new targets like median income, instead of just handing over the cash to private banks controlled by Khazarian oligarchs.  Targeting “median income” basically means giving the money to the average American instead of to an esoteric elite.

Also, as a part of this move against the Khazarians and their “create money out of thin air” con job, a bill has been introduced to the U.S. Congress to require that the U.S. currency be backed by gold.  (Gold, by the way, that will be supplied by Asian friends of the American people, according to White Dragon Society sources.)  On this front, top-secret negotiations are ongoing, but should result in “tens of trillions” of dollars being made available to help rebuild the U.S., say sources involved in the negotiations.

There is also a highly underreported African dimension to this epic battle against the Khazarian overlords.  On this front, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited China last week and stated that his country would adopt a Chinese development model.

Five U.S. senators were on hand to greet him as he returned from China, “as African gold and other natural resources will underwrite the new asset-backed financial system,” Pentagon sources explain.

To help prepare for the new system, a systematic purge of the Khazarian mafia control grid in the U.S. is continuing, the sources say.  Part of this involved an attack on the network of underground tunnels and hideouts on Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island,” they say.  This was followed by leaks of photographs of prominent Khazarians like former U.S. President Bill Clinton with underaged lovers (although these appear to have now been deleted from the Internet at the time this article was published).  Also, “the Department of Justice shut down the sex and pedophilia trafficking site,” the sources note.

There may also soon be warfare in California.  “Left-wing California is reeling from DOJ lawsuits, plus revolt from local governments,” the Pentagon sources say.  “U.S. troops may be sent to put down the California insurrection,” they add.  “The National Guard has been sent to the Mexican border to “stop terrorists, gangs, drugs, arms, and trafficking of humans and children,” they note.

The second American Revolution has begun.


B. Fulford, 2018-04-02 – Cabalists plot anti-Trump counterattack in Tokyo

The Japanese Khazarian mafia slave government, desperate to survive, is plotting the removal of U.S. troops from Japan as well as the end of the regime of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the emperor.  That is why former U.S. President Barack Obama and former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra were here last week, the sources say.  The Japanese regime is working with the Khazarian mafia slave regimes of Theresa May in the UK, Emmanuel Macron of France, and Angela Merkel of Germany in this effort against the Trump regime, the sources say.  The French branch of the Rothschild family is deeply involved in these moves, CIA sources in Asia confirm.

The Japanese regime has joined these anti-Trump efforts because it has become alarmed by a series of recent public rebukes by the Trump military government.  The biggest is that Japan is being kept totally out of the loop about moves towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.  Japan’s government is also upset that, unlike other U.S. allies, it was not given an exemption to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum, the sources say.  That is why the Japanese government is making unprecedented (for a usually servile, boot-licking regime) public rebukes of the U.S. moves.

The Abe government has been actively preparing for war with China using North Korea as a pretext, and was totally surprised by the move towards peace, the sources explain.  While the warmongering Abe regime trembles, U.S., Chinese and Russian Presidents “Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin may win the Nobel Peace Prize for a Korean peace treaty and denuclearization,” Pentagon sources say.

By contrast, members of the Abe regime fear being charged with war crimes over their involvement in the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack on Japan.  This fear has arisen because of the imminent arrest of satan-worshipping Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who was one of the chief architects of the Fukushima terror operation, they say.  This attack was orchestrated by the Rothschild family in an aborted attempt to evacuate 40 million Japanese to North Korea, members of the Rothschild family confirm.  The plan was to set up new Rothschild Asian headquarters in North Korea, according to these sources.

Now this is all unraveling, and a peace deal in the Korean Peninsula is likely to lead to all of these murderous plans being made public, say CIA, Pentagon, and Japanese right-wing sources.  That is why there is now great fear and loathing amongst the perpetrators of this mass murder, they say.

A CIA source in Thailand had the following to say about Thaksin Shinawatra:  “He is looking for a place to find refuge.  Dubai is at the top of his list.  Once the Japanese people know what he has done to them, he will have to run in order to avoid being taken out.  His time is almost up.”

Also, last week a member of the NSA personally visited this writer to warn him they had intercepted communications showing Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso is actively trying to have me murdered.  Aso is upset at being exposed as the top Rothschild agent in Japan, the NSA official explained.  Aso is also angry that his regime’s construction of a biological warfare factory disguised as a veterinary school has been exposed by this writer, he said.

The other fatal error made by the Abe regime was to sell substandard steel to the U.S. military in a deliberate act of sabotage, Pentagon sources say.  This is something the Abe government will pay a high price for, the sources promise.

Speaking about steel, a U.S. military intelligence source sent this writer the following information:

“The Chinese are reacting to Pentagon claims of substandard steel with great composure.  Senior Chinese officials point out that this was a known problem in 2015 and wiped out by 2017, the Chinese leadership recognizing that their reputation for quality was a priceless national asset.  Interestingly, in the same conversation it was mentioned that China kept many samples of the waste from 9/11, and tested for…

nuclear, thermite, and energy radiation, among other relevant forensic factors.  If and when President Donald Trump is ready to support an independent investigation of 9/11, the Chinese appear to have relevant evidence-quality information to share.”

This is highly relevant now, because last week a U.S. judge rejected a Saudi Arabian government attempt to dismiss lawsuits against it concerning the 9/11 attacks.

Pentagon sources have previously explained that the tactic of suing Saudi Arabia was meant to expose the real perpetrators of these attacks—the Khazarian mafia.  The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind to dust and are steadily closing in on these murderers.

On this front, Pentagon sources noted the total number of sealed indictments against Khazarian satanic mafiosi is approaching 25,000 and “those rejected by Gitmo may be found dead like Peter Munk.”

Peter Munk was a Canadian mining magnate whose company, “Barrick Gold was used to move a very large quantity of off-ledger Au.  That was the main purpose of the company,” according to CIA sources in Asia.  Munk has been charged in a Nevada court with criminal involvement in the 9/11 attacks, which involved laundering stolen gold.  Other people charged were “Richard Cheney, John Brennan, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Kevin Spacey, Barack Obama, John McCain, James Baker, Edgar Bronfman Sr., Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Condoleeza Rice, George Soros, John Kerry, Bandar Bin Sultan, David Rockefeller, Brent Snowcroft, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

The other huge move against the Khazarian mafia is the ongoing attack on their Internet mind-control apparatus.  “After the Facebook scandal, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft are also being targeted,” Pentagon sources say.  As a collective, this group of companies is the visible part of what the Gnostic Illuminati calls a rogue artificial intelligence that is threatening humanity.  Transforming these companies from brainwashing hubs into public utilities is a must if humanity is to be freed.

Speaking about rogue AI’s, today we reluctantly have to say that a growing body of evidence shows that Neil Keenan, who played a key role in exposing the cabal’s hijacking of the financial system, has been murdered, and his murderers have hijacked his identity for the past several years.

Neil Keenan was briefly reported to have been murdered on his own website,, before that report was taken down.  Following that, this reporter had a Skype conversation with a person claiming to be Neil Keenan but who failed to answer questions the real man would have known, such as where did I once send him money.  Also, Keenan suddenly stopped exposing cabal machinations and instead became a salesman for “healing computers.”

CIA sources point out that “around the end of November 2014, Keenan posted several videos of his opening one of the bunkers here in Indonesia at an undisclosed location…the small box that Keenan and his assistant eventually opened contained COPPER ingots.  They were not gold.  Gold does not tarnish or become oxidized.  Copper does.  This was a falsehood from the onset.”  The source says he checked with Indonesian Immigration and they have no records of Keenan visiting the country at that time.

Keenan also talks about an attempted 15-quadrillion-dollar heist from the Dragon Family.  Here is an excerpt from his blog posting on June 7, 2014:

“Most recently the Vatican, in collaboration with an entrusted Elder, The Sultan of Sulu, a guardian/holder of The Dragon Family Global Account assets, attempted to steal fifteen (15) quadrillion dollars from the Dragon Family.  Their attempt was thwarted.”  This was “pure fantasy on Keenan’s part,” the source says.

We have also confirmed with the government of Monaco that there was never any meeting of world finance ministers in Monaco and that no such agreement as the “Monaco Accords,” widely reported by Keenan, ever existed.

The last person who we can confirm actually met with Neil Keenan met him more than 10 years ago.  Since then, despite considerable efforts on our part, contacting various intelligence agencies around the world, nobody can confirm he is still alive.  Repeated attempts to arrange a meeting with Keenan have also failed.  We would be happy to be proven wrong.  This is important, because if we can trace down and capture the people who killed and then began impersonating Keenan, then we have a real chance at ending Khazarian cabal financial control.

Also, on this front, we can report that a meeting took place last week between a representative of an Asian Elder and the White Dragon Society.  The WDS proposed to this representative that the Asian Elders appoint a director to the White Dragon Foundation with veto power over any use of funds by the Foundation.  After this, historical bonds can be deposited with the Foundation and the WDS will use its influence to make sure the Khazarian mafiosi who sold these bonds in exchange for gold are forced to pay up.  The money will be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and finance a swords-to-plowshares transformation of the military-industrial complex.

In any case, Pentagon sources report that “mopping-up operations are in progress, with more cabal bases destroyed and portals shut down.”

We cannot personally confirm space-war information of this sort.  However, we can confirm that removing visible cabal leaders like Benyamin Netanyahu is important.  Also, Russian FSB sources say they have traced the root of the problem on earth to Zurich, Switzerland and that “it is somehow connected to the CERN Project.”

B. Fulford, 2018-03-26 – It’s time to remind China of its place

The start today (March 26, 2018) of oil futures trading in gold-backed Chinese yuan is being widely seen as a Chinese victory in the ongoing financial war for control of the planet Earth.  It is also a good time to remind China that the world will NEVER swap Khazarian mafia control for Chinese mafia control.

The West will be eternally grateful for the help provided by Asian secret societies in its battle to free itself from the control of the satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia.  As we will point out, this battle is about to end in victory for humanity.

However, the Khazarians, who should never be underestimated, are appealing to the ego of certain Chinese leaders by promising them the role of Babylonian god-king of the planet Earth.  In exchange for Chinese support, many Chinese leaders are falling for this and dreaming of a Chinese dictatorship over the entire planet.

China thus needs to be reminded of a few things.  The first is that the West still has the power to entirely wipe China out of existence.  The White Dragon Society (WDS) and its allies fought hard to defeat a faction in the West that wanted to do exactly that.  Thus, instead of obliterating China, the West deliberately transferred its industrial and technical expertise in order to help China modernize and develop.  That’s because it was the right thing to do, and because the West wants Asian help in a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.  Also, China and other Asian countries were helped in their modernization because a deal between East and West for world peace is necessary to end the quarantine the planet earth is now under.  In other words, certain Chinese radical factions need to be reminded that the end goal is to achieve a win-win solution for everybody.

With that in mind, let us now look at the latest news in the ongoing battle for the planet Earth.  On this front, there is very serious brinkmanship going on between the U.S. and China in the run-up to the start of the Chinese Gold/Oil/Yuan (GOY) trading that is rightly being seen as a threat to the petrodollar and U.S. hegemony.

The U.S. reaction was to impose tariffs on $60 billion worth of Chinese imports and hire warmongering radical neocon John Bolton as National Security Adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump.  The U.S. message to China was clearly, “We will stop buying your stuff, cut off your Middle-East oil supply, and use North Korea as an excuse to start war.”  The Chinese reaction, in contrast, was to seek compromise and peaceful negotiation while reminding the U.S. side that it was fully prepared for any eventuality.

Despite the U.S. bluster, a quick look at the cards each side is holding makes it obvious China is likely to emerge as a pyrrhic victor in any trade war.  This can be seen by taking things to an extreme and imagining the U.S. stopping all trade with China, and China dumping all of its U.S. Treasury holdings.  Americans would see an immediate plunge in their living standards as they would lose access to cheap Chinese goods, while a plunging dollar would make imports from the rest of the world more expensive.  Also, it would take many years for the Americans to build factories to replace the goods it is used to getting from China, and the end result would be far more expensive.

China, for its part, would lose access to U.S. soybeans and grains, but would be able to replace these with supplies from sources like Russia and Brazil.  The loss of U.S. dollars earned through its trade surplus with America would also deprive China of a lot of the hard currency it has been using to enhance its power around the world.  However, it is likely that China has set up the GOY trading in part to have a ready substitute for the petrodollars it would lose in a trade war with the U.S.

It is interesting to note, by the way, that one of the most active traders in the first day of the Shanghai GOY trading was the Rothschild firm Glencore.  It is also interesting to note that “around 12 million barrels of Shanghai’s most-active September contract changed hands in the first 55 minutes of trade, more than the most-active contract for Brent.”

On the surface, thus it appears the Rothschilds and their Khazarian brethren were right to side with China against the U.S.  However, if you analyze things on a deeper level, a very different picture emerges.  In this one, the Rothschilds and their fellow Khazarian mafiosi face a catastrophic defeat.

In reality, Pentagon sources say the trade war with China “provides a cover for the U.S. military so that they can crash the stock market and …

confiscate trillions of dollars of stolen assets worldwide.”

“March madness began on March 23 as Trump ‘reluctantly’ signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill to fund the military so they can drain the swamp with covert and overt operations across the globe,” the Pentagon sources say.  The six-month omnibus bill gives Trump carte blanche so he can “fund any agency or program, or defund bad ones like the CIA or aid for Israel,” the sources explain.

“The 2,232-page omnibus spending bill, which nobody reads, actually provides tons of money for witnesses, GITMO, Diego Garcia, and it empowers and funds the Inspector General across the government to expose crimes of the cabal,” they say.

In addition, the “DOJ Inspector General report of 1.2M pages will reveal massive pedophilia, murder, extortion, corruption, treason, and sedition as Trump seeks the death penalty for drug traffickers like in Singapore,” the sources continue.

If anybody still has doubts that a purge has already begun at the highest levels, they should stop and think about the resignation of “pope maledict,” the abdication of a whole series of monarchs including the Emperor of Japan, the retirement of scores of U.S. senators and members of Congress, and the disappearance of people like George Soros and Bill Gates, etc.

Now there is a very visible attack taking place against Khazarian mafia control of Internet giants like Facebook and Google.  On this front, Pentagon sources say David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) “is going down for spying and insider trading just as Steve Wynn (Weinberg) was forced, finally, to sell all his shares.”  It should be noted that Wynn, the former finance chair of the Republican Party, owned the hotels used in the mass murder event and attempted assassination of Donald Trump in Las Vegas last October.

The purge in Europe is also continuing, with former French President Nicholas Sarkozy being formally charged last week with receiving illegal campaign financing from Libya.  Also, French Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron is facing mass strikes and protests over his attempts to cut the wages of French workers in order to make his oligarch masters richer.

In Italy, meanwhile, the anti-establishment Northern League and Five Star Movement parties are close to forming a government that is certain to challenge the fascist EU and its Euro currency.

The Khazarian mafia, of course, have still not given up in their fanatical attempt to start World War 3.  In the past week they have been caught yet again fabricating poison gas attacks in Syria and the UK in an attempt to start war with Russia.

CIA sources are saying that the Khazarians blackmailed U.S. President Donald Trump to force him to hire radical neocon warmonger John Bolton as National Security Adviser.  These sources, as well as Pentagon sources, say Bolton is damaged goods who is being blackmailed with pedophilia charges.  However, the Pentagon sources say, “John Bolton may not last long and has a mandate to purge while the military runs the show.”

Also CIA sources are also saying a Khazarian mafia plan to replace Trump with Vice-President Mike Pence is doomed to fail because Pence is one of the people who is going to be arrested on pedophilia charges.

In any case, WDS sources say Bolton will serve a useful role to threaten war against Iran, and thus a cut-off of Middle-Eastern oil, as a card in negotiations with Asia over the new financial system.

Russian WDS members, for their part, note that Russia, along with its Turkish, Egyptian, and Iranian allies, holds a veto over any Western plan to cut off Middle-Eastern oil.  The Russians want world peace and friendly, law-based relations between nations, the sources say.  They will not fully trust the West until the warmongering Khazarians behind the fake gas attacks, etc. are all removed from power, they say.

On a final note, this writer was invited to a ceremony at the Japan Freemason headquarters near Tokyo Tower last week.  This is the first time he has ever participated in such an event.  The Freemasons invited him as a part of their new campaign to dispel misunderstandings about them by opening their doors to the public at large.  What this writer saw was a fairly innocuous ceremony.  Below is a photograph of that event.

Generally speaking, the Freemasons have had a big impact on Western history because influential people got to meet and know each other at their lodges.  For those who want to know more, the 97-minute video at the link below is a fairly good overview of what the Freemasons are all about.

As far as this writer is concerned, it is mostly accurate except for the bit where they claim the Illuminati does not exist.  The Illuminati are real and are divided into the Gnostic Illuminati, who are against bloodline rule, and the P2 Lodge Illuminati, who want a world government controlled by ancient Roman bloodlines.

In any case, it looks like the Freemasons support White Dragon Society and Asian Secret Society goals of world peace and friendship between peoples.

B. Fulford, 18. März 2018 – Die Welt findet gerade heraus, wie grauenvoll die Verbrechen der khazarischen Mafia waren

Die Säuberung an der allerobersten Spitze der geheimen US-Machtstruktur ist fast vollständig, was bedeutet, dass eine weit größere Säuberung jetzt stattzufinden im Begriff ist, laut Pentagon-, CIA- und anderen Quellen. Die Spitzenführerschaft des Weißen Hauses, der CIA, der NSA, des FBI, des Pentagon und anderer US-Einrichtungen sind jetzt fast völlig aus White Hats zusammengesetzt. Dies bedeutet, dass eine systematische Säuberung der unteren Ränge jetzt möglich ist. Das Ergebnis wird sein, dass in den kommenden Monaten die Menschen herausfinden werden, wie grauenvoll die Verbrechen tatsächlich waren, die von der khazarischen Mafia begangen wurden.

Lassen Sie uns daran erinnern, dass diese sogenannten Führer des Westens aktiv versucht haben, 90% der Weltbevölkerung zu töten. Sie wurden dabei erwischt, wie sie Krankheiten geschaffen und verbreitet haben wie SARS, Vogelgrippe, Ebola etc. Sie wurden dabei erwischt, wie sie versucht haben, Hungersnöte zu verursachen durch die Verbreitung von Getreidekrankheiten und das Bezahlen von Farmern dafür, Kraftstoff statt Nahrung anzubauen. Sie haben sehr kräftig versucht, den dritten Weltkrieg zu beginnen. Sie standen hinter Massenmordfällen wie dem 11. September und Fukushima. Das sind alles bewiesene Tatsachen. Was jetzt geschehen wird ist, dass ein Großteil der Weltbevölkerung das lernen wird.

In den US war etwa eine Million Menschen aktiv an dem Plan beteiligt, 90% ihrer Mitamerikaner zu töten und die Überlebenden zu versklaven, japanischem Militärgeheimdienst zufolge. Diese eine Million – die vorgeben, Juden, Moslems oder evangelikale Christen etc. zu sein, die aber aktiv Satan anbeten – haben Zuflucht anderswo auf dem Planeten gesucht, aber haben keine gefunden.


Sie haben auch versucht, den Planeten zu verlassen, sowohl CIA- als auch Pentagon-Quellen zufolge. „Die Kabale sitzt auf der Erde fest, da das CERN-Portal zerstört wurde“, sagt eine Pentagon-Quelle. „Was sie über CERN sagen, ist korrekt“, bestätigt eine CIA-Quelle, die Zugang zu geheimen Antarktis-Basen hat. „Die Erde ist Sperrzone – kein Verlassen und kein Zutritt. Die zionistisch-khazarische Kabale ist hier gefangen. Sie werden zu Fall gebracht“, fährt die Quelle fort.

Um zu verstehen, wie erschrocken die Kabalemitglieder sind, werfen Sie einen Blick auf dieses Video von Prinz Bandar bin Khalid, einem der Spitzenverschwörer des 11. September, der am 12. März Selbstmord beging, um der Gerechtigkeit zu entgehen, nachdem ihm Asyl im Vereinten Königreich verweigert wurde.

„Prinz Bandar-Bush wurde wirklich ausgeschaltet. Es war er, keine Double, der auf einer Bananenschale ausrutschte und über das Geländer stürzte. Die tatsächliche Bedeutung dieser Aussage ist, dass Bandar Hilfe bei seinem Versuch hatte, die Schwerkraft zu überwinden. Er war mind-controlled durch eine Art von bewusstseinsverändernder Droge. Es wird KEINE Autopsie geben“ ist, wie eine CIA-Quelle den Vorfall erklärt.

Jetzt bittet der frühere US-Präsident Barack Hussein Obama, dem ebenfalls Asyl im Vereinigten Königreich verweigert wurde, die japanische Regierung um Schutz, Mitgliedern der japanischen Kaiserfamilie und CIA-Quellen zufolge. Die Japaner wurden vom US-Militär angewiesen, nein zu sagen. In jedem Fall wird der Mann, auf dessen Schutz Obama zählte, der khazarische Sklaven-Premierminister Shinzo Abe, „in den nächsten zwei Wochen zurücktreten. Er steckt jetzt in tiefem Hundedreck. Sie sind sich des fehlerhaften Stahls bewusst, der dem US-Militär verkauft wurde. Die Militärfahrzeuge werden zerbrechen und auseinanderfallen beim Einschlag eines Projektils. Ihnen wurde absichtlich fehlerhafter, schlechter Stahl verkauft. Auf Wiedersehen, Abe“, ist das, was CIA-Quellen in Asien über Obamas Möchtegern-Beschützer zu sagen haben.

Allerdings könnte die White Dragon Society Obama mit Schutz versorgen, wenn er zustimmt, im  Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan zu erscheinen und der Welt die Wahrheit zu sagen über Dinge wie den Malaysia-Airlines-Flug 370, wer sein wirklicher Vater war, wer ihn an die Macht gebracht hat etc.

Obama sucht Schutz, weil jeder, der ihn in der US-Machtstruktur beschützt hat, gefeuert, verhaftet oder getötet wurde. US-Außenminister Rex Tillersons letzte Mission war es, nach Kenia zu gehen und der Regierung zu sagen, Obama nicht zu beschützen, sagen Pentagon-Quellen.

Tillerson selbst wurde letzte Woche gefeuert, weil er der offenkundig falschen Kabale-Behauptung folgte, dass Russland Giftgas benutzte, um Dissidenten im Vereinten Königreich umzubringen, sagen die Quellen. Premierministerin Theresa May vom Vereinten Königreich, Präsident Emmanuel Macron von Frankreich, Kanzlerin Angela Merkel von Deutschland haben alle letzte Woche ihre Kabale-Verbindung enthüllt, indem sie dem jüngsten beschuldigt-Russland-für-alles-Schema folgten.

Der wahre Grund für die Vergiftung Sergei Skripals war, weil er dabei war, mit einer Zeugenaussage Hillary Clinton und die US-Demokratische Partei mit Versuchen zu verbinden, US-Präsident Donald Trump zu beschmieren, sagen russische FSB-Quellen.

Ein Google-Whistleblower sagt inzwischen, dass Google das „russischer Agent“-Etikett benutzt hat, um zu versuchen, Journalisten und Whistleblower zu sperren, die gegen ihre mind-control-Agenda agieren.

Die oben erwähnte CIA-Quelle mit Zugang zu Antarktis-Basen hat inzwischen eine sehr viel esoterischere Begründung für das hysterische Russland-Bashing der Kabale. Ihm zufolge hat Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin drei „Stargates“ geschlossen, die in Syrien waren. „Putin hat die Verantwortung für die Stargates dort, und das ist es, was die Kabale wirklich ankotzt. Er wird sie nicht nutzen lassen, um dem Jüngsten Tag zu entkommen“, sagt er.

Wie üblich bei so einer Art von X-Files-Information schreibe ich, was die Quellen mir mitteilen und lasse den Leser selbst entscheiden, was tatsächlich vor sich geht. Alles, was ich bestätigen kann, ist, dass der Planet definitiv unter Quarantäne steht.

In jedem Fall, da jetzt Tillerson und sein Vertreter Steve Goldstein gefeuert wurden, beaufsichtigt der neue Außenminister Mike Pompeo, bewaffnet mit Wissen über CIA-Operationen, eine „noch weitergehende“ Säuberung des Außenministeriums, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Das FBI und der US-Kongress untersuchen ebenfalls kriminelle Aktivitäten des Außenministeriums und seines früheren Kopfes John Kerry, fügen die Quellen hinzu.

Die CIA selbst unterliegt jetzt einer großen Säuberung, die unter US-militärischer Kontrolle steht. „Die neue CIA-Direktorin, Gina Haspel, ist eine gefürchtete Agentin, die jetzt die Bush-Gruppe, Neocons und andere Verräter säubern wird“, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Hier ist, was ein CIA-Kollege über Haspel zu sagen hat: „Sie ist ruhig und zurückhaltend – nicht unverblümt und großmäulig, wie wir sagen. Ihre Augen waren fokussiert und eindringlich. Ich spürte eine hochintelligente Frau, die ihre wahre Mission für sich behielt.“ Diese Quelle sagt, sie wird wahrscheinlich ihr Skalpell an „schwarzen Seiten“ der CIA ansetzen, die mit Drogen, Waffengeschäften außerhalb der Bücher, Geldwäsche und dergleichen zu tun haben.

Das FBI und das Justizministerium sehen ebenfalls einer Säuberung von Kabale-Agenten entgegen, stimmen vielfältige Quellen überein. „Die Entlassung des stellvertretenden FBI-Direktors Andy McCabe ist nur der Anfang, die Köpfe werden rollen mit der FEMA-Bestellung von 16.000 Guillotine-Klingen“, verkündet eine CIA-Quelle unheilvoll. Vermutlich bezog sie sich auf eine weithin berichtete Guillotine-Bestellung der Kabale, wahrscheinlich für die Benutzung gegen Amerikaner.

Ein anderer Grund für die Wut gegen die Kabale im US-Militär und den Diensten sind die 800.000 Kinder, die in den Vereinigten Staaten jährlich als vermisst gemeldet werden (laut dem National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). Im Gegensatz dazu werden in China, mit der vierfachen Bevölkerung, jährlich 20.000 Kinder als vermisst gemeldet, dem US-Außenministerium zufolge. Das heißt, dass US-Kinder mit 160-fach größerer Wahrscheinlichkeit verschwinden als chinesische Kinder. Während viele der vermissten Kinder wieder gefunden werden, verschwinden viele für immer. Es gibt viele Insider, die bezeugt haben, dass sie von Kabalemitgliedern vergewaltigt, umgebracht und aufgegessen wurden.

Der endgültige Umgang mit dieser schrecklichen geheimen Übernahme der Vereinigten Staaten durch eine mörderische Kabale: das US-Militär holt viele pensionierte Generäle und Offiziere zurück in den aktiven Dienst, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Unter denen, die jetzt zurück im aktiven Dienst sind, sind Mike Pompeo, Sonderermittler Robert Mueller und viele andere, sagen die Quellen.

Die Zeichen sind jetzt überall, dass die khazarischen Kabalemitglieder jetzt endlich der Gerechtigkeit entgegenblicken. Dieser Schreiber hat lange für eine südafrikaartige Wahrheit und Vergebung gestritten, aber es sieht so aus, als ob es das für viele an der Spitze dieser geheimen Machtstruktur nicht geben wird. Ihre Verbrechen sind einfach zu schrecklich.

Als letzte Bemerkung diese Woche berichten uns CIA-Quellen, dass Elon Musk von Tesla Motors ein Geldwäscheagent für das Pentagon ist. Das könnte eine Menge der Merkwürdigkeiten erklären, die sein Unternehmen umgeben, wie etwa die Berichte mehrerer Quellen, dass es Musk war, der tatsächlich hinter der Nordkorea-Raketenkrise steckte. Es bedeutet, dass das Pentagon, über Musk und Tesla, nordkoreanische Atomraketen als Verhandlungsmasse in Verhandlungen mit China benutzt hat. Das neueste sind Nachrichten, dass Tesla Mitarbeiter anstellt von einer satirischen News-Seite The Onion für eine Art von geheimem Projekt.

In diesen Tagen ist es freilich schwierig, zwischen dem, was The Onion berichtet, und dem, was sogenannte Mainstream-Medien-Unternehmen wie CNN berichten, zu unterscheiden. Vielleicht plant das Pentagon, die letzten Reste der Glaubwürdigkeit der khazarischen Unternehmensmedien zu beseitigen, indem sie es Onion-Management unterstellen. Wie man sagt: „Manchmal ist die Wahrheit merkwürdiger als die Fiktion“. Wir betreten schräge Zeiten, aber es sieht aus wie etwas Schräges von der guten Sorte.


Übersetzung: Thomas in

B. Fulford, 2018-03-19 – The world is about to find out just how horrific the Khazarian mafia’s crimes were

The purge at the very tip top of the U.S. secret power structure is nearly complete, meaning a much larger purge is now about to take place, according to Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.  The top leadership of the White House, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and other U.S. agencies is now composed almost entirely of white hats.  This means that a systematic purge of the lower ranks is now possible.  The result will be that in coming months people are going to find out just how horrific the crimes carried out by the Khazarian mafia really were.

Let’s remember, these so-called leaders of the West were actively trying to kill off 90% of the world’s population.  They have been caught manufacturing and spreading diseases like SARS, bird flu, ebola, etc.  They have been caught trying to cause mass starvation by spreading crop diseases and paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food.  They have been trying very hard to start World War 3.  They were behind mass murder incidents like 9/11 and Fukushima.  This is all proven fact.  What’s going to happen now is that the bulk of the world’s population will learn of this.

In the U.S., about one million people were actively involved in the plot to kill 90% of their fellow Americans and enslave the survivors, according to Japanese military intelligence.  These one million—who pretend to be Jews, Muslims, or evangelical Christians, etc., but who actively worship Satan—have been seeking refuge elsewhere on the planet but have failed to find it.

They have also been trying to get off the planet, according to both CIA and Pentagon sources.  “The cabal is stuck on earth, since the CERN portal was destroyed,” a Pentagon source says.  “What they say about CERN is correct,” a CIA source who has access to secret Antarctic bases confirms.  “The earth is on lockdown—no leaving and no entering.  The Zionist Khazarian cabal is trapped here.  They are being taken down,” the source continues.

To understand how scared the cabalists are, take a look at this video of Prince Bandar bin Khalid, one of the top 9/11 conspirators, committing suicide on March 12th in order to avoid facing justice after he was denied asylum by the UK.

“Prince Bandar-Bush was really taken out.  It was him, not a double, that slipped on a banana peel and went over the rail.  The actual meaning of this statement is that Bandar was assisted in his attempt to defy gravity.  He was mind-controlled by some type of mind-altering drug.  There will NOT be an autopsy,” is how a CIA source explains the incident.

Now, former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, also having been denied asylum by the UK, is asking the…

Japanese government for protection, according to members of the Japanese royal family and CIA sources.  The Japanese have been advised by the U.S. military to say no.  In any case, the man Obama was counting on for protection, Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, “will be stepping down within the next two weeks.  He is in deep dog poop now.  You are aware of the faulty steel sold to the U.S. military.  The military vehicles will crack and break up on impact with incoming projectiles.  They were sold defective low-grade steel on purpose.  Bye-bye, Abe,” is what a CIA source in Asia had to say about Obama’s would-be protector.

However, the White Dragon Society may provide Obama with protection if he agrees to appear at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and tell the world the truth about things like Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, who his real father was, who put him in power, etc.

Obama is seeking shelter because everybody who was protecting him in the U.S. power structure is being fired, arrested, or killed.  U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s last mission was to go to Kenya to tell the government there not to shelter Obama, say Pentagon sources.

Tillerson himself was fired last week was because he went along with the patently false cabal claim that Russia was using poison gas to kill dissidents in the UK, the sources say.  Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK, President Emmanuel Macron of France, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany all revealed their cabal affiliation last week by going along with the latest blame-everything-on-Russia scheme.

The real reason Sergei Skripal was poisoned was because he was about to give evidence linking Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Democratic Party to attempts to smear U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian FSB sources say.

A Google whistleblower, meanwhile, says that Google has been using the “Russian agent” label to try to ban journalists and whistleblowers who go against their mind-control agenda.

The above-mentioned CIA source with Antarctic base access, meanwhile, has a much more esoteric explanation for the hysterical cabal Russia-bashing.  According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shut down three “stargates” that were located in Syria.  “Putin is in charge of the stargates there, and this is what really pisses off the cabal.  He will not let them be used to escape Judgment Day,” he says.

As usual with this sort of X-Files type information, I write what the sources tell me and let readers discern for themselves what is really going on.  All I can confirm is that the planet is definitely under quarantine.

In any case, now that Tillerson and his bagman Steve Goldstein have been fired, the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, armed with knowledge of CIA operations, is going to oversee an “even further” purge of the State Department, Pentagon sources say.  The FBI and the U.S. Congress are also investigating criminal activity by the State Department and its former head John Kerry, the sources add.

The CIA itself is undergoing a major purge now that it is under U.S. military control.  “The new CIA Director, Gina Haspel, is a feared operative who will now purge the Bush faction, neocons, and other traitors,” the Pentagon sources say.  Here is what a CIA colleague has to say about Haspel:  “She is quiet and low-key—not outspoken or a big-mouth, as we say.  Her eyes were very focused and intense.  I sensed a highly intelligent woman who kept her real mission to herself.”  This source says she will probably be taking her scalpel to CIA “black sites” that handle drugs, off-books weapons transfers, money laundering, and the like.

The FBI and the Justice Department are also going to see a purge of cabal operatives, multiple sources agree.  “The firing of Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe is just the beginning, as heads will roll with a FEMA order for 16,000 guillotine blades,” a Pentagon source ominously declares.  Presumably he was referring to the widely reported guillotines ordered by the cabal, presumably for use against Americans.

Another reason for the anger against the cabal inside the U.S. military and the agencies is the 800,000 children reported missing each year in the United States (according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).  By contrast, China, with four times the population, has 20,000 children go missing each year, according to the U.S. State Department.  This means that U.S. children are 160 times more likely than Chinese children to vanish.  While a lot of the missing children are found, many vanish forever.  There are multiple insiders who have testified they are raped, murdered, and eaten by cabalists.

To deal once and for all with this horrific secret takeover of the United States by a murderous cabal, the U.S. military is recalling many retired generals and officers to active duty, Pentagon sources say.  Among those now back in active duty are Mike Pompeo, special counsel Robert Mueller, and many others, the sources say.

The signs are now everywhere that the Khazarian cabalists will now finally have to face justice.  This writer has long pushed for South African-style truth and reconciliation, but it looks like that will not be forthcoming for many at the top of this secret power structure.  Their crimes were just too horrific.

On a final note this week, CIA sources are telling us that Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk is a money laundering agent for the Pentagon.  That might explain a lot of the strangeness surrounding that company, such as the reports from multiple sources that it was Musk who was really behind the North Korean missile crisis.  It means that the Pentagon, via Musk and Tesla, was using North Korean nuclear missiles as a bargaining tool in negotiations with China.  The latest is the news that Tesla is hiring staff from the satirical news site The Onion for some sort of secret project.

These days, of course, it’s hard to tell the difference between what The Onion is reporting and what so-called mainstream media companies like CNN are reporting.  Maybe the Pentagon is planning to finish off the last shreds of the Khazarian corporate media’s credibility by putting them under Onion management.  As the saying goes, “sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.”  We are entering weird times, but it is looking like a good sort of weird.



B. Fulford, 12. März 2018 – Japans Marionettenregierung ist die nächste,während die Dominosteine fallen

Die endgültige Niederlage der khazarischen Mafia ist jetzt am Horizont sichtbar, da ihr Kontrollgitter weiter zusammenbricht. Das konnte man kürzlich sehen an dramatischen politischen Ereignissen in Italien, Japan, Korea und den US. Bald werden wir auch Veränderungen im Vereinten Königreich, in Frankreich, Deutschland und Israel sehen, stimmen mehrere Quellen überein.

Die größte Neuigkeit in der letzten Woche war die Ankündigung eines Gipfeltreffens zwischen US-Präsident Donald Trump und dem starken Mann von Nordkorea Kim Jong-Un. Tatsächlich haben sich die beiden Führer bereits heimlich im letzten November getroffen, Pentagon-Quellen zufolge. Die öffentliche Ankündigung bedeutet lediglich, dass eine Gesamtübereinkunft für die Wiedervereinigung der koreanischen Halbinsel getroffen wurde, sagen diese und Quellen asiatischer Geheimgesellschaften. Die Übereinkunft, die vielleicht den Gewinn eines Nobelpreises für Donald Trump wie auch für den chinesischen Präsidenten Xi Jinping bringen könnte, wird sicherstellen, dass es keinen US-Truppen erlaubt ist, sich nördlich des 38. Breitengrades in einem vereinten Korea zu bewegen, sagen die Quellen.

In einer damit verbundenen Entwicklung ist die khazarische Sklavenregierung des japanischen Premierministers Shinzo Abe dabei, gestürzt zu werden. Der Rücktritt des Rothschild-Sklaven-Finanzministers Taro Aso wird zuerst erwartet, bevor Abe selbst entfernt wird, stimmen mehrere Quelle überein. Als sichtbares Zeichen, dass das unmittelbar bevorsteht, sind japanisches Fernsehen und Zeitungen jetzt in vollem Skandalmodus, berichten darüber, wie die japanische Regierung Land mit großem Preisnachlass an eine Schule verkauft hat, die mit Abe, seiner Frau plus einer Menge Politiker verbunden ist, und dann darüber gelogen hat.


Der wahre Skandal ist allerdings, dass das Abe-Regime Biowaffen-Laboratorien und -Fabriken gebaut hat und als die Kake Veterinary School getarnt hat. Das heißt, dass sich das Regime Kriegsverbrechen schuldig gemacht hat und nicht nur der Korruption. Die Schule, nebenbei bemerkt, sollte diesen April eröffnet werden, aber kein Student hat sich für die Eingangstests beworben. Japanische Rechte in Verbindung mit dem Kaiser sagen, das gesamte geheime Establishment in Japan, einschließlich dem von Jesuiten kontrollierten Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), hat sich gegen das Abe-Regime gewandt und damit ist es dem Untergang geweiht.

Ein Mitglied es Abe-Kabinetts, das zugegeben hat, dass seine Regierung stürzen würde, wurde geschickt, um letzte Woche einen Vertreter der White Dragon Society (WDS) zu treffen, um darum zu betteln, dem Marionettenregime in Japan zu erlauben, weiter zu dienen. Er bettelte auch darum, dass einem Mitglied des Abe-Kabinetts erlaubt würde, in den andauernden Verhandlungen zwischen US-Militär und der chinesischen Regierung über Japans Zukunft zu sitzen, „nur um Notizen zu machen“.

Allerdings wollen weder das US-Militär noch die Chinesen irgendeinen Vertreter des Abe-Sklavenregimes irgendwo in der Nähe der Verhandlungen haben, beteiligten Quellen zufolge. Das US-Militär ist wütend auf das japanische Establishment, weil sie kürzlich herausgefunden haben, dass Kobe Steel absichtlich US-Militärausrüstung sabotiert hat, indem sie mangelhaften Stahl verkauft haben, sagen Pentagon-Quellen. Das wird nicht ungestraft bleiben, sagen sie.

Die WDS für ihren Teil sagt, dass die japanische Regierung (abzüglich Abe und seinen Spießgesellen) einer Verstaatlichung der Bank of Japan zustimmen muss, freien und fairen Wahlen und der Ankündigung eines Jubeljahres, einschließlich nicht nur einer Streichung aller Schulden, sondern auch einer einmaligen Neubewertung von Vermögenswerten. Beim Schreiben dieser Zeilen wurde noch keine formale Antwort auf diese Forderung erhalten.

In den US fahren die White Hats inzwischen damit fort, ganz groß zu gewinnen. Das größte Zeichen letzte Woche war der Rücktritt des früheren Goldman-Sachs-CEO Gary Cohn als Direktor des Nationalen Wirtschaftsrates unter Trump. „Das Weiße Haus ist jetzt Goldman-Sachs-frei“, jauchzte eine Pentagon-Quelle. Als Ergebnis von Cohns Sturz wurde Lloyd Blankfein als CEO von Goldman Sachs herausgedrängt, merkte die Quelle an.

Das bedeutet, dass Trumps nationaler Handelsberater Peter Navarro, Direktor des Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, jetzt der Spitzenwirtschaftsboss im Weißen Haus ist. Die Ankündigung einer Ausnahme der US-Stahl- und Aluminiumzölle für Kanada und Mexiko, aber nicht für die EU oder Japan, zeigt, wie die US-Handelskriegs-Politik wahrscheinlich sein wird. So wie das Militär zuerst leichte Ziele ausschalten möchte, ist es deutlich, dass die Handelskrieger auf die EU und Japan zielen, um den Westen zu vereinen, bevor es gegen China geht. Natürlich ist das alles Verhandlungsgetöse, das darauf abzielt, Zugeständnisse zu bekommen, und bedeutet nicht, dass wirklich ein Handelskrieg kommen wird.

Die andere große Entwicklung in den US letzte Woche war, dass US-Justizminister Jeff Sessions „schließlich seine Zähne gezeigt hat mit einer Klage gegen Kalifornien und der Veröffentlichung von Dokumenten an den Kongress, betreffend (früheren Präsidenten Barack) Obamas Fast-and-Furious-Waffenschieber-Muster“. Da wir über Obama sprechen: Pentagon-Quellen sagen, dass US-Außenminister Rex Tillerson letzte Woche nach Kenia geflogen ist, „um Obama davon abzuhalten, Asyl zu bekommen“.

Im Vereinten Königreich indessen sagen Pentagon-Quellen jetzt, dass „britische königliche Pädophilen-Ringe in Buckingham und Westminster mit Spenden des Vereinten Königreichs, Australiens und Kanadas an die Clinton-Stiftung verbunden sein könnten, auf Anordnung der Queen“. Sicherlich ist pädophiles und scheußliches Verhalten in einem großen Teil der VK-Elite weit verbreitet. Schauen Sie sich diesen Link für ein kürzliches Beispiel an:

Allerdings hat dieser Schreiber zuvor herausgefunden, dass Anschuldigungen gegen die Queen in Verbindung mit Pädophilie in Kanada konstruiert waren, die von einem Mitglied der Rothschild-Familie bezahlt wurden. Die Ereignisse werden die Wahrheit über diese jüngsten Anschuldigungen zeigen. Trotzdem wird der Regimewechsel im Vereinten Königreich kommen, da der 9/11-Truther Jeremy Corbyn bereit ist, Premierministerin Theresa May zu ersetzen, beharren CIA-Quellen.

Einen Regimewechsel gab es auch bereits in Italien, wo die Anti-EU- und Anti-Establishment-Parteien eine Mehrheit in den Wahlen letzte Woche bekommen haben. Dieser Prozess wird allerdings einige Monate dauern, da ausgedehnte Verhandlungen sowohl im Parlament als auch unter Geheimgesellschaften andauern.

Es wurde auch ein großer Zug gegen die Rothschild-Sklavenregierung von Emmanuel Macron in Frankreich ausgeführt, wo ein Nationaler Übergangsrat eingerichtet wurde, um das Regime zu ersetzen.

Eric Fiorile aus dem Rat hat eine Botschaft an die Menschen der Welt herausgegeben, die in Teilen folgendes besagt: „Ich spreche zu Ihnen über das wirkliche und wahre Frankreich, nicht das Frankreich, das Ihre Medien, wahrscheinlich so korrupt wie unsere, Ihnen zeigen… Wir leben unter einer absoluten Diktatur. Niemand ist in seinem eigenen Heim sicher. Unsere Politiker können jetzt jeden verhaften lassen, ohne einen Haftbefehl oder irgendeinen Grund. Sie können jeden ohne Begründung in Arrest nehmen und behalten.“ Der Rat, der starke Unterstützung sammelt, bittet um Hilfe der Menschen der Welt.


Auch in Deutschland klammert sich das alte Regime um Angela Merkel noch gerade so an die Macht. Allerdings sagen CIA-Quellen, dass Pläne in Vorbereitung sind, jedem klarzumachen, dass sie Hitlers Tochter ist und sie versprechen, dass ihr Regime dem Untergang geweiht ist. Die weithin erfolgreichen „Q“-Psyops haben darauf hingewiesen mit dem Post „Who is Angela Hitler?“


Der letzte Dominostein, der fällt, wird Israel sein. Hier verfolgt die israelische Polizei den satanischen Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu, vordergründig wegen eines Bestechungsskandals. Allerdings ist Netanjahu ein Massenmörder und einer der Chefarchitekten des Nuklear- und Tsunami-Angriffs auf Japan vom 11. März 2011. Netanjahu klammert sich verzweifelt an die Macht, da er weiß, dass sein nacktes Leben davon abhängt. Sowie er und seine Satanistenkollegen entfernt sind, werden die jüdischen Menschen von buchstäblich tausenden von Jahren babylonischer Gefangenschaft frei sein.

Wie gewöhnlich gibt es eine Menge, über das wir noch nicht schreiben können, aber es soll genügen, zu sagen, dass geheime Verhandlungen mit dem Ziel der Befreiung der Menschheit weitergehen unter Beteiligung von Russland, Iran, China und dem US-Militär. Daher ist es jetzt nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis wir Massenverhaftungen haben werden und Kriegsverbrechens-Tribunale, genauso wie ein Jubeljahr und ein neues meritokratisches politisches und Finanzsystem, kontrolliert durch und für die Menschen.


Übersetzung: Thomas in

B. Fulford, 2018-03-12 – Japan’s puppet government is next, as the dominoes keep falling

By Benjamin Fulford

The final defeat of the Khazarian mafia is now visible on the horizon as their world control grid continues to collapse.  This is being seen most recently with dramatic political events in Italy, Japan, Korea, and the U.S.  Soon we will also see change in the UK, France, Germany, and Israel, multiple sources agree.

The biggest news in the past week was the announcement of a planned summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un.  In fact, the two leaders already met in secret last November, according to Pentagon sources.  The public announcement just means that an overall deal has been reached for reunifying the Korean Peninsula, say these and Asian secret society sources.  The deal, which will probably win a Nobel Prize for Trump as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping, will ensure that no U.S. troops are allowed to move North of the 38th parallel in a unified Korea, the sources say.

In a related development, the Khazarian slave administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is about to be toppled.  Rothschild slave Finance Minister Taro Aso is expected to resign first before Abe himself is removed, multiple sources agree.  In a visible sign this is imminent, Japanese television and newspapers are now in full scandal mode, reporting on how the Japanese government sold land at a huge discount to a school connected to Abe, his wife, plus a whole slew of politicians, and then lied about it.

The real scandal, though, is that the Abe regime was building a bioweapons laboratory and factory disguised as the Kake veterinary school.  This means the regime is guilty of war crimes and not just corruption.  The school, by the way, was supposed to open this April but zero students applied to take its entrance exam.

Japanese right-wingers associated with the Emperor say the entire secret establishment in Japan, including the Jesuit-controlled Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), has turned against the Abe regime and thus it is doomed.

A member of the Abe Cabinet, who admitted his government was about to fall, was sent to meet with a representative of the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week to beg for the puppet regime in Japan to be allowed to continue to serve.  He also begged that a member of the Abe Cabinet be allowed to sit in on ongoing negotiations between the U.S. military and the Chinese government about Japan’s future “just to take notes.”

However, neither the U.S. military nor the Chinese want to have any representatives of the Abe slave regime anywhere near the negotiations, according sources involved.  The U.S. military is furious with the Japanese establishment because they have recently found out that Kobe Steel deliberately sabotaged U.S. military equipment by selling them faulty steel, Pentagon sources say.  This is not going to go unpunished, they say.

The WDS, for its part, said the Japanese government (minus Abe and his cronies) must agree to the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, free and fair elections, and the announcement of…

a jubilee, including not only a cancellation of all debt but also a one-off redistribution of assets.  As of this writing, no formal answer has been received to this request.

In the U.S., meanwhile, the white hats continue to win big time.  The biggest sign last week was the resignation of former Goldman Sachs CEO Gary Cohn as chief economic adviser to Trump.  “The White House is now Goldman Sachs-free,” a Pentagon source crowed.  As a result of Cohn’s fall, Lloyd Blankfein was forced out as CEO of Goldman Sachs, the source noted.

This means that Trump’s nationalist trade adviser, Peter Navarro, Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, is now the top economic honcho the White House.  The announcement of an exemption from U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs for Canada and Mexico, but not for the EU or Japan, shows what the U.S. trade war policy is likely to be.  Just as the military like to take out easy targets first, it is clear the trade warriors are targeting the EU and Japan in order to unify the West before taking on China.  Of course, this is all negotiating bluster aimed at getting concessions and does not mean there will actually be a trade war.

The other big development in the U.S. last week was that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions “finally showed his fangs with a lawsuit against California and the release of documents to Congress concerning [former President Barack] Obama’s Fast and Furious gun-running scheme.”  Speaking about Obama, Pentagon sources say U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson flew to Kenya last week “to stop Obama from getting asylum.”

In the UK, meanwhile, Pentagon sources are now saying that “British Royal pedophilia rings in Buckingham and Westminster may be tied to UK, Australian, and Canadian donations to the Clinton Foundation at the direction of the Queen.”  For sure, pedophilia and nasty behavior by a large portion of the UK elite is rampant.  See the link below for a recent example.

However, this writer has previously found that allegations against the Queen in relation to pedophilia in Canada were fabrications paid for by a member of the Rockefeller family.  Events will prove the truth about these latest allegations.  Regardless, regime change is coming to the UK, as 9/11 truther Jeremy Corbyn is set to replace Prime Minister Theresa May, CIA sources insist.

Regime change has also already come to Italy, where anti-EU and anti-establishment parties won a majority in last week’s elections.  This process will take some months, though, as elaborate negotiations continue both in parliament and among the secret societies.

There is also a big move being made against the Rothschild slave government of Emmanuel Macron in France, where a National Transition Council has been established to replace the regime.

Eric Fiorile of the Council has put out a message to the people of the world that reads in part:  “I am going to talk to you about the actual and real France, not the France that your media, probably as corrupt as ours, are showing you….  We live under an absolute dictatorship.  No one is safe in their own home.  Our politicians can now have anyone arrested without an arrest warrant and for any reason.  They can search and seize whatever they want from peoples’ homes.  They can take and keep anyone in custody without explanation.”  The Council, which is gathering strong support, is appealing for help from the people of the world.

In Germany as well, the old regime around Angela Merkel is barely clinging to power.  However, CIA sources say plans are afoot to make everybody aware she is Hitler’s daughter and they promise that her regime is doomed.  The wildly successful “Q” psy-ops has hinted at this with the post “Who is Angela Hitler?”

The last domino to fall, though, will be Israel.  Here, Israeli Police are closing in on satanic Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ostensibly for a corruption scandal.  However, Netanyahu is a mass murderer and one of the chief architects of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan.  Netanyahu is clinging desperately to power because he knows his very life depends on it.  Once he and his fellow satanists are removed, the Jewish people will be freed from literally thousands of years of Babylonian slavery.

As usual, there is a lot we still cannot write about, but suffice it to say that secret negotiations aimed at freeing humanity are going on involving Russia, Iran, China, and the U.S. military.  Thus, it is now just a matter of time before we have mass arrests and war crime tribunals, as well as a jubilee and a new meritocratic political and financial system controlled by and for the people.