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Keshe sagt zeitnah heftige Erdbeben voraus – Japan, Italien, Westküste Amerikas, Teheran, Frankreich, Spanien

Carolina De Roose

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I am in the middle of typing the notes from Thursday’s 154th Knowledge Seekers Workshop. This information on earthquakes (EQs) may have some impact on you or someone you know.

At the bottom of this information you will see a link to Dutchsinse another EQ forecaster.

from Keshe:

We have received a lot of communication in the past few weeks of what the outlook is in respect to the earthquakes which you have forecast. We expect massive EQs in 8 Magnitude (M), 9M and possibly 10M in and around Japan in the next few days as well as the West Coast of the United States.

K: We have asked directly and urgently that our staff in Tokyo leave. The KF staff at Tokyo University are leaving to sections in which they feel happy and safe. If there is the EQ which has already set up and manifested itself by coming to solid land in Japan, then we see a situation not far from what we saw in Fukushima. This is an alert and we cannot confirm the position and place. But there will be anything from 6.5M to 9M on the coast of Japan and we take this very seriously from what we understand that we have asked our staff to leave their positions (in Tokyo) which is very unusual.

K: We have made a warning again to the people in the West Coast of the United States in California. We see EQs from 7.9M up to possibly 10M in the coming time. the reason for this is the sequence of the EQs which we have seen. If coincidentally they merge together at the same time it is between two waves coming from different parts of the world hitting at the same time and same place, then we will see 9.5 to 10.2M. the same goes for Italy and we have issued warnings to the people of Tehran. We see that an EQ in Iran is imminent and we have advised people to say goodbye to Tehran in the past 24 hours. This is due to a number of EQs that have taken place in the last 7 days and you have to understand that we see large EQ situations this time of the year every year, year in and year out.

K: But this time there are two EQs. One happened last year in Chile. It is the loosening of the ‘pin’ and now the continents have loosened in a very big way. We see the EQ that is deeper than 150 kilometers and bigger than 7.3 in the past 48 hours in the Philippines. This itself has a consequential, sequential interaction and if the EQs this deep reach 10 kilometers depth, then we will see EQs in northern Africa and in and around France and Spain.

K: We will see volcanic eruptions in Italy and EQs in Greece and strangely enough on January 3rd for the first time in a long time we have seen a 3.2 EQ around the UK. This has put pressure movement. It depends if the waves arrive together in one point that they are amplifying their forces, or if they arrive sequentially one after another. We see this for certain in the West Coast of the United States in the next 7 to 10 days.

K: It is possible if we pass the 21st of February without a major EQ then the next phase will go in to the latter part of this year. But, with what we see and we hope we are wrong, we have informed the Italian KF to start protecting themselves in the next 72 hours to the next 7 days. Everything will move in the next 14 to 21 days. And we hope you will come out of it safely. But what we have seen in the EQs in the past days near the Philippines we see this immediate effect on Tokyo. For this reason we have asked our staff to leave Tokyo as a matter of urgency and they are leaving today.

K: we see the same in the West Coast of the United States. We cannot pinpoint the magnitude or the location and it all depends if the EQ in the Philippines arrives in 3 directions together and then how much force is diverted to the west coast of the European continent. The pressure will be absorbed fully by Italy and we expect large EQs around Rome and north of Rome and around Napoli. This is our forecast and we said we are expecting it and now we have seen it. A lot of things depends if these sequential movements do not release other layers that these can create further problems. If you are KF business in Japan please take protection. We advise you strongly to leave Tokyo and around the coast of Japan. We issue an alert for the West Coast of US around California. We expect a large EQ in the southern United States around what you call the American continent. This can lead to massive, massive EQs.

Dutchsinse most recent information on 11-13-2017:

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