B. Fulford, 2018.05.22 – Trump’s universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head

U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of trade war with just about everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy for the United States.  A kinder way of putting it would be to say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has looted its people on behalf of globalist oligarchs.  Yet another way of putting it is to say the world is negotiating a replacement for the petro-dollar system.  In any case, we can now expect a lot more shouting and bluster, and possibly even the odd nuke or two, as these negotiations proceed.

In public, this dispute can be seen in the biggest open split between European powers and the United States since the end of World War 2.  We have the leaders of France, Germany, and the EU openly calling for an end to the post-war European/American alliance.  The U.S. side, for its part, has publicly threatened sanctions against European countries.  Under the surface, a U.S. assassination campaign against disobedient EU leaders is also a good guess.

The immediate trigger was Trump’s decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord.  Of course, anybody who is following what is really going on knows that the Trump decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and is really about Iran’s announcement that it will sell oil to Europe priced in Euros, not petro-dollars.

Let us start by taking a look at how things will proceed on the superficial level.  Here Trump is saying, “If you do not buy more from us, we will stop buying from you!”  He is also saying, “If you stop using petro-dollars to buy Iranian oil, we will prevent any European country doing business with Iran from doing business with us.”  The Europeans are saying, “You are a deadbeat who is not paying for what you buy, so who cares is you stop buying!”  They are also saying, “We will punish any European companies who obey your sanctions against Iran.”


The most important threat seen in public has been the U.S. threat to impose sanctions against Germany if they proceed with the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.  This pipeline would allow Germany to import more gas directly from Russia instead of having to go through the Khazarian puppet state of the Ukraine.  In essence Trump is saying, “If you do not buy gas from us (at a 20% markup), we will stop buying your cars.”



The elephant in the living room of this EU/American domestic spat is China and its move to replace the Atlantic alliance with a Eurasian alliance that leaves the Anglo-Saxon powers on the periphery of world power.  The way things are going now, the Chinese are winning because the EU/U.S. spat has given a big boost to Chinese yuan-denominated oil futures and thus strengthening the petro-yuan as a would-be replacement for the petro-dollar.


That is probably why Trump chose a NATO meeting to implicitly threaten a shooting war if his trade war with the EU, China, and the rest of the world does not succeed.  Here are his comments:

“‘Will that be successful?  I tend to doubt it,’ the president told reporters during an appearance with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.  ‘The reason I doubt it is because China has become very spoiled.  The European Union has become very spoiled.  Other countries have become very spoiled, because they always got 100 percent of whatever they wanted from the United States.

‘But we can’t allow that to happen anymore,’ Trump added.”


However, Chinese secret society sources say they are actually playing a much bigger game and that they are pushing for…

a world government.  This Chinese world view is shaped by their history.  When China was divided into warring states, the inevitable result was population decline, poverty, and misery.  They believe the world now needs to unify, like China once did, in order to end strife and poverty.  The problem with this vision, from a Western perspective, of course, is that if the price of world peace is for everybody to become a Chinese slave, then no thanks.

However, unless the West can remove the Zionists with their apocalyptic visions from control of Western future planning, then the Chinese alternative becomes increasingly inevitable as time unfolds.

That is why the West needs to do something about monotheism and the families that control it.  Let us make that clear, there are competing family groups that control what we view as the competing monotheistic religions.  We have:

  1. The Christians, who are controlled mainly by the P2 Freemasons and the Vatican or the descendants of the Caesars;
  2. The Jews and the Christian Jewish slaves (evangelical Zionist Christians), who are controlled by the Rothschild etc. family dynasty (self-described descendants of King David);
  3. The Orthodox Christians, who are ultimately heirs to the tradition of the Greeks and Alexander the Great;
  4. The Sunni Muslims, who are controlled by a group of descendants of Mohammed, as well as by descendants of the pagan families who control Mecca; and
  5. The Shia, who are controlled by a different branch of the descendants of Mohammed as well as by heirs of the Persian empire.

Outside of these groups we have the Gnostic Illuminati, who believe that whatever entity created this planet is evil and needs to be overthrown.  The other group is the Satanists, who have an amoral vision that allows their members (many of whom have infiltrated the top levels of world power) to do whatever they want, including mass murder, child rape, cannibalism, etc.

While these groups have been fighting for world power for a very long time, what they have in common is a vision of an end time when the world will “end” and then be replaced by something else.

The trick now is to get these various groups to agree to some sort of vision of the future that does not involve Armageddon and the destruction of 90% of humanity.  That is what the real fight is about.  The financial war over such things as petro-dollars is thus really a war over control of the psychological process of deciding what humanity as a species will do in the future.

The White Dragon Society and its allies are pushing an alternative to all of these visions that envisions a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and set earth life on a path for exponential expansion into the universe.

For now, though, in the West what we are seeing is a grassroots movement, including at the middle ranks of the military-industrial-law-enforcement nexus to remove all criminals from power.

On this front, the biggest development last week was the resignation of 34 Chilean bishops, ostensibly because of a massive cover-up of child abuse.  However, as is often the case, the story given out for public consumption is not the whole story.  What we are seeing in Chile is the removal of the group that was ultimately responsible for the “dirty war.”  This group, closely associated with the Nazis and the Bush family, is largely responsible for the Nazi coup in the U.S. that started with 9/11.

Pentagon and other sources are saying this mass resignation may lead to the removal of Pope Francis.  However, P2 Freemason sources are saying what is really going on is a Christian Church revolt against the Roman families that have controlled Christianity since its creation.  That is why the Pope last week installed 14 new cardinals who were not European.  The Pope, they say, is planning for a massive campaign in Africa and South America to end poverty and be a counterpart to China’s massive One Belt One Road infrastructure project.

The Pope has also publicly declared war on the unregulated casino-type gambling that the Western financial system has degenerated into.


In any case, there is a related purge of corrupt actors still continuing inside the U.S. as well.  On this front, according to Pentagon sources, there are now more than 30,000 sealed indictments ready to be acted upon soon.  The trigger for these arrests may be the publication of emails, etc. that will “bust Hillary (Clinton) for underage sex and other crimes.”

The “cabal” is also “reeling with low-level attacks after Gina Haspel was confirmed as CIA Director and Trump signed an executive order to release unredacted documents to Congress,” the sources say.  The Department of Justice Inspector General is also “about to lower the boom with his explosive report of cabal crimes,” the sources say.

There is also a lot going on in Asia now that a new CIA head has been named.  The most dramatic issue is the ongoing probe of corruption in Malaysia.  Here the new government of Mahathir Mohamad is leading raids on former government officials that are literally yielding truck loads of cash, jewelry, and other visible signs of corruption.  Pentagon sources are saying that ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak “has flipped,” and that Trump may “visit Malaysia after his June 12 Singapore summit with fat boy (North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un).”

The Malaysian corruption investigations are likely to expose the real reasons for the vanishing Malaysian Air Flight 370/17.  However, we know part of this operation was aimed at preventing China from gaining access to U.S. semiconductor manufacturing technology.  What this means is that while part of this airplane disappearance was criminal, part of it was linked to a Chinese/Western technology battle.  Hopefully the world will learn the truth soon.

The new CIA chief is also likely to make it possible for a corruption investigation in Japan, too, the Pentagon sources say.  Here we have a political system that has degenerated to the point where almost all politicians in office are bribed and blackmailed stooges.

The White Dragon Society has asked the Abe government to nationalize the Bank of Japan and use its financial power to benefit the planet.  If this offer is not accepted, mass arrests will begin in Japan.  Nationalizing the BOJ might be the trigger that finally brings on the “event,” or the mass positive changes we are all yearning for.

DER 3.WELTKRIEG – Nur die Dümmsten der Dummen glauben es noch nicht!

Ex Marine/Aktivist Kenneth O‘ Keefe spricht einer Debatte im Press TV Klartext und wirft die brennende Frage auf, wer zum Teufel mit klaren Verstand noch glauben kann, dass der Terrorstaat Nummer 1 die USA, die Weltweit Folter, Morden, Verstümmeln, Vergewaltigen und Ihre Kriegsverbrecher vor der Justiz beschützen, dass ausgerechnet die den „Terror“ bekämpfen könnten. In der weiteren Debatte geht er darauf ein, dass die Parlamente Weltweit nur noch mit mit Prostituierten und Handpuppen der „Geldversorger“ geschmückt werden, die als Dienstboten der Finanzmafia eine gewisse Loyalität schuldig sind und deren Profitmaximierende Kriegsagenda nur noch von einem Script abzulesen haben.
Kenneth O‘ Keefe lässt es auch nicht aus das Kind beim Namen zu nennen, dass es sich hier um eine Reihe von Psychopathen handelt, die sowohl die Politischen System als auch die Massenmedien fest im Würgegriff haben, die keinerlei „Gemeinwohl“ verfolgen und über ihre Terrororganisation NATO Weltweit ein Blutbad nach dem anderen anrichten lassen. Kenneth O‘ Keefe spricht auch eine Reihe von „false flag“-Aktionen an, mit den die Tyrannen im Hintergrund die Masse in die Irre leiten, um damit Zustimmung und Legitimation beim Heimatpublikum für ihre Kriegsverbrechen zu erzeugen. Und er spricht aus, daß mehr und mehr Menschen dieses „Problem – Reaktion – Lösung“ – Spielchen durchschauen und sich dadurch der feudale Abschaum zunehmend in die Enge getrieben sieht, mit der Folge, das somit ein großer Krieg von Nöten ist.
Große Kriege sind große Gewinne, für die internationalen Widerlinge, die diese Welt bereits seit Generation beherrschen. Es gibt keine „Demokratie“ und tatsächlich ist dieses Form einer Gesellschaftlichen Ordnung weltweit gescheitert und wird mit viel Kosmetik seitens der Massenmedien als Fassade aufrecht erhalten.
Der ökonomische Faschismus hat das Ruder längst in der Hand und bestimmt in welchen Gewässern die Netze ausgelegt werden und hat nichts dagegen einzuwenden, wenn der ein oder andere Komiker sich hier als Politiker aufspielt, um sich ein Dienstwagen, einige Annehmlichkeiten und eine Minimacht Periode zu erschleichen. Diese wichtige Debatte zwischen Ex Marine/Aktivist Kenneth O‘ Keefe und Lawrence Korb vom Center for American Progress. würde vom youtube.com Kanal caste2510 aufgearbeitet und übersetzt und heißt im Original „Syrien: Krieg der Täuschung – Ken O’Keefe (War of Deception)“ und ihr findet sie unter folgender
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Putin on the destruction of the Middle East – Must watch!

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was a neo-conservative think tank that operated between 1997 and 2006. It openly advocated for the total global military domination by the United States. PNAC members held the highest-level positions in the George W. Bush administration, including Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland) , Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and others. PNAC is noteworthy for its focus on Iraq, a preoccupation that began before Bush became president and predates the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (Which begs the question – how authentic was 9/11?) Some of the members of PNAC, such as Vin Weber, were also government lobbyists for military industrial companies such as Lockheed Martin, and other Fortune 500 companies. The more war, the higher the profits…. In this outtake, Vladimir Putin talks about arming terrorists in one MENA country (Middle Eastern and North African), yet fighting against them in another – “Where is the logic?” – he asks. However, if you look at it from the perspective that the intention was never to rehabilitate, but to destabilise – then it is all very logical indeed. If it suddenly seems to you that all of this is happening deliberately – that’s because it is. At the end of the clip, I have included the infamous 2007 speech by ex-NATO General Wesley Clark, on the US plan “to take down 7 countries in 5 years.” They may not have met their deadline, but we are now assured that Clark was not making it up. Mr Clark himself commanded the NATO-led Kosovo War. ————————————————————————————————– For current affairs, translations and analysis, check out http://www.Fort-Russ.com My vids also get uploaded to the Eurasia Daily page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eurasiadaily…