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Denn es wird eine Zeit kommen, da sie die heilsame Lehre nicht ertragen werden, sondern nach ihren eigenen Gelüsten werden sie sich selbst Lehrer aufladen, nach denen ihnen die Ohren jucken, und werden die Ohren von der Wahrheit abwenden und sich den Fabeln zukehren…(2 Timotheus 4:3 Lutherbibel 1984)


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Baczcie, aby was kto nie sprowadził na manowce filozofią i czczym urojeniem, opartym na podaniach ludzkich i na żywiołach świata, a nie na Chrystusie“ Apostoł Paweł.(List do Kolosan 2:8)
Albowiem przyjdzie czas, gdy zdrowej nauki nie ścierpią, ale według swoich pożądliwości zgromadzą sobie sami nauczycieli, mając świerzbiące uszy, a odwrócą uszy od prawdy, a ku baśniom je obrócą… (2 Tymoteusza 4:3)

B. Fulford June 6, 2016 – Rothschild Khazarian mafia using delaying tactics but time is running out

B. Fulford June 6, 2016

The noose that is closing on the Khazarian mafia and the Rothschild family nexus controlling it is getting tighter. Having missed one deadline to meet with a representative of the White Dragon Society, a representative of Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild is supposed to meet with a messenger from the White Dragon Society tomorrow (June 7th) in the US. If the Rothschilds miss this meeting or fail to reach an agreement in principle then, open season will be declared on that entire genocidal family group WDS, gnostic Illuminati and other allied groups promise.

Also, the official bankruptcy on May 2nd, 2016 of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation has triggered high level negotiations between US and Chinese authorities this week. In Beijing a high level economic and diplomatic exchange is concluding on Tuesday.


Opening ceremony of China-U.S. high-level dialogue held in Beijing – Xinhua | English.news.cn
Opening ceremony of China-U.S. high-level dialogue held in Beijing—
The economic discussions center on what parts of the American economic infrastructure the Chinese will be allowed to buy up, with the US threatening to close its markets to China as its main bargaining card to prevent a total Chinese take-over of the US economy. The other related topic of discussion will be exactly how much of their US Treasury holdings the Chinese will be forced to write off. Needless to say the Chinese will be asking for full payment in the form of US real estate, factories and other assets while the Americans will be asking the Chinese to take as big a haircut as possible.

As a preface to this meeting, there was the Shangri-La Dialogue, a high level 3 day regional security conference in Singapore that ended Sunday, June 5th. The military discussions there boiled down to the US trying to gather as many allies as possible under its wings on Chinese borders while the Chinese are saying they are already friendly with their neighbours so, the US military have no choice but to work with China for a “win-win” solution.



There was also an interesting, James Bond type side show to the security conference. Conflicting news reports coming out of Indonesia agree

a helicopter crashed there. Early reports say only the pilot was killed and the three passengers were only “slightly injured.” However, later reports indicate the others “died on the way to the hospital.”






CIA agents in Indonesia say the helicopter was taken down by an unknown device, probably an EMP weapon, and the surviving passengers were shot. The helicopter had delivered to Singapore 300 kilos of gold from a secret gold mine run by the Henry Kissinger/Rockefeller faction of the Khazarian mafia’s FreePortMcMoran mining corporation operations in Indonesia. It was returning with about $US 100 million worth of 1000 Singapore dollar bills when it was taken down. The money, which was packed in five “Zero Halliburton aluminum containers” is now missing. Since the gold came from a Khazarian mafia controlled mine and the payment was stolen, it is fairly safe to assume an anti-Khazarian outfit took the money. The message seems to be that that gold deals involving Asian gold have to go through the appropriate channels.

In any case, despite the bluster between China and the US about the South China Seas, and the intrigue beneath the surface, a broad agreement is being reached between the US and Chinese sides.

As a part of this deal US banks have been given access codes to the new Chinese built CIPS international financial settlements system, Pentagon sources say. This will lead to a global currency reset as well as the bankruptcy of Deutschebank, the sources say.

These moves are part of an ongoing campaign to finish off the Nazi faction of the Khazarian mob, multiple sources agree. The Panama papers leaks and the shutting down of offshore tax havens has already dealt a huge blow to them. The campaign to shut off their drug money has also taken a big new turn with the closure of most major amphetamines factories in North Korea, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

Now former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell has admitted on MSNBC TV that the war on Iraq was based on lies.


Those of us who get our news from real sources have known this for years. What is important though is the fact that it was said on corporate controlled media. What this means is that other corporate media quote it and it becomes part of the “official” public view. By becoming “official,” it opens the way for the prosecution for war crimes of the entire Bush/Nazi cabal.

The Nazis, feeling the heat, and in a futile attempt to forestall prosecution for 911, “suicided” the former CEO of Zurich “because killing the Chief Financial Officer was not enough,” according to Pentagon sources. You can be sure insurance fraud investigators are closing in on Larry “pull it” Silverstein and his gangster buddies.

CIA sources say many Khazarian Mafiosi have already fled to Patagonia, in Southern Argentina. One CIA source who was recently in Patagonia says he met Richard Rockefeller there. Richard Rockefeller, the former head of Medicins Sans Frontiers, and son of David Rockefeller, supposedly died in a plane crash in June of 2014. If this source is correct, it now appears he faked his death in order to be able to escape to Argentina.

However, it is not clear if Argentina will be the same safe haven for Nazis as it was after World War 2. Argentine President and Nazi stooge Mauricio Macri had heart problems recently after meeting reporters. This was probably a message to the Nazis that there would be no escape to Argentina this time.


Top Khazarian Mafiosi Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel and the Dalai Lama have been asking for protection from Russia’s Vladimir Putin but will not be getting it, Russian sources say.

The Khazarian Mafiosi still in the US are circling the wagons around Hillary Clinton and hoping against hope she will still be able to use election fraud, murder, bribes and lies in order to become president.

However, Pentagon sources are now saying “Hillary may be taken down after the California primary with the Clinton Foundation busted for massive disaster relief charity fraud in Haiti, Africa, India and in the wake of the Aceh tsunami of 2004.” If there is justice in this world Clinton will also face charges for mass murder.

The Khazarians also think they have another card up their sleeve in the form of Vice President Joe Biden who they hope to run as Democratic candidate in the event Clinton is arrested. Biden is no squeaky clean hero. His son was involved in oil exploration and fracking in the Ukraine immediately after the Nazi coup there. It is a safe bet to say that a Biden presidency would mean continued Rothschild control minus the worst Nazis.

This is preferable to the Khazarians than Republican candidate Donald Trump, who is pushing for real change and mass arrests of the criminals who infest New York, Washington DC and other US power centers. Trump is now is studying foreign affairs three hours per day in order to prepare himself for the job of renegotiating the international role of the US, sources close to Trump say. Hopefully Trump is also fully informed about the fraudulent Federal Reserve Board. He also needs to look into getting either Asian gold or American silver (or both) to back a new currency he will inevitably have to issue.

The Rothschilds and the non-Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia are saying people like Trump and the Chinese are trying to overthrow the “current world order.” This is a sneaky way of trying to associate them with the highly discredited Nazi New World Order. While the plans for a fascist New World Order government, inaugurated with the death of 90% of the world’s population, have been stopped, this does not meet the “current world order,” should continue as is. This order has presided over a system of fraudulent privately owned central banks that have systematically looted the planet of its resources and caused mass extinction on a scale not seen since the end of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This fraudulent system has also led such a concentration of wealth that 62 individuals have a greater net worth than the poorest 3.5 billion people on this planet.
It is time to fundamentally change how we run this planet. The way to do this is to take the process of deciding what we do in the future out of the hands of privately owned central banks and into the hands of the people. The people and living creatures of this planet are running out of patience. The time for talk is over, the time for action has begun.

The WDS promises to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months if it is given the opportunity to do so. Having done that, it will establish transparent, meritocratic and democratic institutions to ensure good governance for the people and living creatures of this planet. Following this it will retire into the background where it will lie ready to intervene again should civilization ever experience another crisis like the one we are going through now.

Moskau ruft US-Diplomaten zu „mehr Intelligenz“ bei Russland-Äußerungen auf

Moskau ruft US-amerikanische Diplomaten zu mehr Intelligenz und Verantwortung bei ihren Russland-Äußerungen auf. So kommentierte die amtliche Sprecherin des russischen Außenministeriums, Maria Sacharowa, das jüngste Interview von Ex-US-Botschafter in Russland, Michael McFaul, für eine estnische Zeitung.

McFauls jüngste Erklärung, wonach die gegenwärtigen Aktivitäten Russlands eine konkrete Antwort erforderlich machten, habe das Internet buchstäblich explodieren lassen, schrieb Sacharowa auf Facebook. McFaul zufolge sollen die USA Russland zähmen, der Vorstoß der NATO zu den Grenzen Russlands sei legitim, weil die Allianz die von Moskau ausgehende Gefahr abwehren müsse.

In diesem Zusammenhang erinnerte Sacharowa an ein Interview von Ex-US-Außenminister und Friedensnobelpreisträger Henry Kissinger: „Ich kann Länder verstehen, die nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg von der Sowjetunion besetzt worden waren und sich bedroht fühlten. Aber ich bin nicht der Ansicht, dass diese Illusion die NATO-Osterweiterung rechtfertigen sollte. Ich war immer für einen Dialog zwischen den USA und Russland zu fundamentalen Problemen.“

Sie wolle keine Wahl vorschlagen, wem von den beiden US-Diplomaten mehr Glauben geschenkt werden sollte, sagte Sacharowa. „Denn hierbei gibt es nur einen Diplomaten. Die Diplomatie ist ein Beruf, der sich auf Intelligenz und Verantwortung gründet“, betonte die Sprecherin.

Weiterlesen: http://de.sputniknews.com/politik/20160606/310410273/sacharowa-us-diplomaten-aufruf-intelligenz.html#ixzz4AonSvv29


Vorwurf aus Venezuela: US-Geheimdienst tötet Politiker mit Nano-Waffen

Was denn sonst, wie so oft?

Der 2013 an einem Herzinfarkt verstorbene venezolanische Präsident Hugo Chavez ist von US-Geheimdiensten durch Nano-Waffen getötet worden, wie die Online-Zeitung Lenta.ru unter Berufung auf das venezolanische regierungstreue Onlineportal Aporrea schreibt. Außerdem habe Washington sechs weitere Attentate auf lateinamerikanische Politiker geplant.

Chavez soll auf Initiative der USA mithilfe einer speziellen Nanowaffe getötet worden sein, die verschiedene Krankheiten wie Herzinfarkt, Störungen des Hirn-Blutkreislaufs, Atemstillstand und Geisteskrankheiten auslösen können.Laut Aporrea haben die Amerikaner die Tötung mehrerer weiterer Politiker in Lateinamerika geplant. Zwei Mal hätten sie dabei Erfolg gehabt: Neben Chavez sei auch der ehemalige argentinische Präsident Nestor Kirchner getötet worden. Kirchner erlag 2007 einem Herzinfarkt. Bei fünf anderen Politikern – Fernando Lugo, Dilma Rousseff, Luiz da Silva, Cristina Kirchner und Hugo Chavez – sei Krebs in unterschiedlichem Stadium diagnostiziert worden.

Die Entwicklung der Nanowaffen hätten die USA bereits 2003 begonnen, und zwar auf Initiative des damaligen Präsidenten George Bush Jr. Für diese Zwecke seien insgesamt 3,7 Milliarden Dollar ausgegeben worden. Die wichtigste Rolle bei der Entwicklung der Nanowaffen habe der Unternehmer und Biotechnologe Robert Langer gespielt.

Venezolanische Medien hatten den Amerikanern bereits mehrmals vorgeworfen, Chavez‘ Gesundheit angegriffen zu haben. In dem Artikel wurden Bilder der angeblich eingesetzten Nanowaffe samt ihrer negativer Auswirkungen angeführt. Es wurde jedoch kaum etwas über ihren Wirkungsmechanismus geschrieben. Auch Expertenkommentare und Testergebnisse fehlten dabei.

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