Keshe Magrav Power Unit (English)

This a my finished Keseh MaGrav Power Unit.

I have followed the instructions given to us by Mr Keshe in the Blueprint week.

The only difference is that my GaNS mix for the coil dipping, center balls and capacitors, has CO2 GanS and CuO2 Gans, but does not have CH3 GaNS in the mix.
From what I understood, that is not a problem, but to have more types of GanSes is just favorable.

As far as I understand, I have done it all right.
If not, I would appreciate it if someone that has a working/operational device or someone from the Keshe Foundation to contact me about it.

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  1. nettes Videos, sagt aber nichts aus ob es wirklich funktioniert…..warum werden nicht beide Leistungsmesser verglichen….?????? warum wird keine elektrische Last angeschlossen???

    Gefällt mir

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